The APPEPLA course is designated for both last year undergraduate students (BA) of Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering departments and for postgraduate Master or PhD students that implement their postgraduate studies in the scientific field of the proposed IP.

Average, four student positions are available from each of the participating institutions. The selection is a responsibility of the local responsible academic (who participates in the organisation committee) of each participating institution. The main selection criteria are the following:

  • The Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • The year of his/her studies (i.e. a 4th year student has a priority compared to a freshman)
  • For postgraduate students, the relevance with the theme of the proposed IP and the recommendation of the supervisor
  • The level of English (a "proficiency certificate" is preferable)

The language of the project is English. The total taught hours (lectures and Self Learning Sessions) are about 80. This working load is associated with 4 ECTS units. The award of the ECTS units to the students is subject to a successful examination at the end of the IP.

Educational material is defined all the documentation that is given to the students such as (a) lecture notes, (b) lecture slides, (c) laboratory engagement (d) poster session participation and (e) the text of the exercises. The latter is prepared and distributed by each one of the lecturers and is designed functionally to the content of each lecture. The lectures are prepared by the lecturers according to the suggestions of the organisation committee of the course. All the educational material is (a) distributed to the participants in the form of a CD and (b) is stored in the IP web page. Furthermore, the e-class platform of the Department of Electronics of TEI of Crete is used to assist the educational tools and the interaction between the students and the lecturers.

The feedback documentation role is to monitor the quality and the efficiency of knowledge transfer of the course. This kind of documentation helps the organisational committee to improve and optimise both the corpus of the teaching material and teaching methods used during the project. The feedback documentation is formed by (a) written output produced by the students during the self learning sessions and (b) the evaluation questionnaires by the students and the participant academic staff.

The evaluation of the project by the participants is one of the priorities of the organisational committee. A feedback documentation, which has been designed by I.K.Y., is distributed to the students. The process of the evaluation – feedback documentation is one of the envisaged outputs. Furthermore, internal evaluation is implemented using questioners developed by the organisation committee of the IP.

The implementation/integration of the teaching program as a regular part of the study programs of the participating institutions is one of the main motivation for the APPEPLA IP. Moreover we foresee as a further spin – off of the project the establishment of new teaching and research cooperation.

Successful attendance at the proposed program will allow for the following:

  • Award of 4 ECTS units (undergraduate or MSc students)
  • An attendance certificate signed by the coordinator of the APPEPLA IP

Students should fulfil the following criteria in order to successfully complete the APPEPLA IP:

  • At least 80% attendance at lectures
  • A minimum score of 60% in the final written evaluation
  • A minimum score of 50% in the distributed exercises and projects
  • Participation in the laboratory exercises and research paper presentations gives a bonus of 15%